Equator Club • "Find Her"

Photo by Dan Garrett

Emmanuel Egwu performs under the name Equator Club and his music is constantly breathing. His EP Infinity will be out next Tuesday on October 27. Rolling up to that, we have the premiere of "Find Her", one of the booming tracks off of Infinity. “Find Her” does not stop moving, but don’t mistake that description as a song that is repetitive; instead, it travels in phases, taking you on a conveyor belt through a jungle of densely stacked instrumentals. And speaking of jungle, there’s a very natural, organic quality to this. From Equator Club’s own name, to the dense foliage of the album art, there's a very specific aesthetic happening that Equator Club ties into perfectly – even down to his name, taken after his Dad’s Afro-World nightclub in Uptown back in the 90s.  You can sign up here for all Equator Club updates and have the Infinity EP sent to you upon its release.

As mentioned before, Equator Club’s music seems to have a life of its own. What better way to listen to it than live? Well, we’re all in luck because his Infinity EP release party will be taking place this Friday, October 23 at Beauty Bar. There’s no doubt after hearing “Find Her” that you will want to hear Equator Club spin at a loud volume as he takes to the rainforests and the tropics with each new track. He’ll be doing just that at Friday's event hosted by ThemFlavors, with support from Aztek, Dan Blair, Slick Caprice, and more. Them Flavors always throw killer shows; file this under "Do Not Miss".

My thoughts are inconsequential, though – what does Equator Club personally think about all this? We caught up with the man behind the music and asked him a handful of questions about his new single, his party, and his upcoming EP.  

As Equator Club, you have a very unique sound. Where does this come from, and how would describe your music?

For someone who is always trying to walk the road less traveled with production, that means a lot! I would say that my style recently has come from taking odd samples, self-recordings and atmospheric tones and transforming them into melodic, cleaner tracks. As with any form of art it’s hard to take an objective look at what you are creating. I’ve been producing for a while now attempting to master all different styles and genres. With my music I try to combine all my experiences producing into something new. But my recent music has been very progressive, in the sense that it builds up throughout the song. If I were to fit it in an area of genres it would be somewhere around ambient-adventure-bass-club-trap-rnb.

As for “Find Her” itself, it’s a great track. How would you describe “Find Her” to a stranger on the street?

Thanks! It’s bass heavy romantic music to cruise to.

What’s the story behind your formation of this track?

This track was actually started over a year ago. I think I made the skeleton of it when I was on a road trip to Omaha. Back then it was just the poppy chords over some drums. When I started working on my EP, I stumbled across it. When I started working on it again I added the droning vocoded T-Pain vocal sample and I knew I was gonna have to put this one on the EP.

We’re all looking forward to hearing Infinity. How does “Find Her” fit into the rest of the EP?

Musically it is very different from the rest of the songs. Compared to the rest of the EP, "Find Her" has heavy trap/hip0hop influences with lots of changes in feeling throughout. "Find Her" is the closing song (spoiler alert). It closes off the adventure of the EP with a very relaxed but exciting chords and vocals.

Also coming up is your Infinity EP Release party (Beauty Bar, 10/23/15, 9PM). For fans of live music out there, what would you say is your favorite aspect of performing live?

I’ve been doing live performances since I was a youngin'. From theater to live music to DJing. I think exposing people to new ideas or music is the most rewarding part.

Any final words for the readers?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to "Find Her"! If you are ever able to come out to one of my shows, come say hi. Be sure to stay tuned for more music and shows! 

Thanks Equator Club! Readers, don't forget to follow the link here to have the Infinity EP sent to you upon its release!