D.R.A.M. & SZA • "Caretaker"

It's been a minute since SURF dropped and looking back it's crazy to think about the amount of hype that led to the release of The Social Experiment's debut full-length project which featured some of the brightest names in music today. With the five month anniversary of the release already approaching though, the soX Boy's own Peter CottonTale linked up with touring partner D.R.A.M. and TDE-affiliate SZA for a very dope extension of one of the standout tracks on the project, "Caretaker".

First off, it's very exciting to see CottonTale's name solo on the end of credits again. Not to say we don't love what he's doing in the group dynamic of the Social Experiment, but his singular production has been few and far between. When it has arrived it's been memorable, having stepped out on his own only for the likes of Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Lili K, Towkio and Leather Corduroys to date, among some lucky others scattered about. Here, he finds ways to mix SZA's sultry stylings with D.R.A.M.'s totally off-kilter, note-smashing tones that somehow continue to be as endearing as they were when we first came across the Virginia act on his "Cha Cha" track.

If you've been paying attention as well, D.R.A.M timed up the restructure of "Caretaker" to coincide with the visual drop for Drake's "Hotline Bling," a song many have claimed sounds eerily similar to "Cha Cha". Whether intentional or not, D.R.A.M. unleashed a strategic Twitter run yesterday letting fans and those alike know that he does feel like his beat was somehow stolen from him by the 6 God. Whatever the case, any mention of the "Hotline Bling" video is getting underlined with mentions of the jacking. I'm giving this one to the new guy: that shit does sound too similar.

None of that had much to do with "Caretaker" but, you know, Wednesdays. If you liked the original, you'll probably be down for this one too. Or not. Maybe? Just listen above.

---ALSO! The visual for D.R.A.M's Donnie Trumpet-produced single "$" followed right on the heels, we popped it right here for you!