Appleby (Ft. Anthony White) • "Glossy Ride"

Appleby hath returned! The masked avenger (not really) has been relatively quiet for the last five months since he released the hit single "Bitter Boy". While it's obvious that the artist (who has yet to show his face in public) has been tactful and methodical behind the scenes (I still find myself wanting to Tweet out #tellmyex), he has remained selective with his 2015 outputs. We heard him handle a verse on Ravyn Lenae's stellar debut EP, but his last proper solo piece was back in April. This time around, Appleby reunites with singer Anthony White for “Glossy White”, his smoothest and most cruise-worthy jam. The sunset coupe in the artwork only makes sense. This is a smoke and drive track. This is a reflective cruise. Something to calm you down and relax you until Appleby drops his next emotional endeavor, hopefully sooner than later. 

“I've been jumpin' ship and I don't swim, that's probably gotten to you.”