Tobi Lou • "New Bish"

Every so often you get a chance to actually find something new. In the contemporary environment where 'music discovery' is a buzzword used by execs to try and lull millennial their way and incessant blogging that leaves little to the unknown, it's those truly organic times when you find music that draws you to it without a publicist or clever subject heading. It's in that vein that I came across Chicago native Tobi Lou who dropped off his latest single last week in "New Bish".

Here, we find Tobi over a hopping backing production that follows him over the fun sing-songy flow that he utilizes in detailing his ideal, well, 'new bish' and whether the one he has now is sufficient. This one came to me actually via Twitter where I caught a random message from someone in the city shouting out Tobi's premiere of this single on Fader. If this and his previous single, "Pretty Please" is any indication, we'll certainly have plenty more heading our way. In case we were worried about future output, a reply to the tweet I saw eased any tensions about upcoming releases.