Montana of 300 (Ft. Talley of 300) • "You Know"

Directed By Jerry Production

The career of Montana of 300 took off following the release of a handful of remixes paired with some simple but clean videos. Although hits like "Chiraq" were remixed dozens (if not hundreds) of times by one struggle rapper after another, Montana managed to stand out from the pack using a proper presentation and, of course, by besting Nicki and Herb on their own track. Many remixes and a debut album later, Montana is currently in the process of making new original music and he's bringing newcomer Talley along for the ride. "You Know" premiered last month as the third single to this duo's upcoming collaboration Gunz N Roses due out this December. For the video, Montana and Talley linked with director Jerry Production and the rest of the 300 team to test you on your knowledge. What do you know about Montana and Talley of 300?