Lucki Eck$ • "Freewave 7"

Directed by Brian Zawlocki

Yesterday, in anticipation of his Freewave EP, which is to be released tomorrow, Lucki Eck$ decided to give his fans another piece of the puzzle.

“Freewave 7” is a bit unconventional in the sense that Eck$ gave us parts 1-5 on his SoundCloud, then released part seven as a visual. While “Freewave 7” was previously unreleased and can't be found as an audio file, it's a complimentary piece from his last set of visuals which contained parts 3 and 4 being featured in the same video. This time around, the purped-out HD, courtesy of Brian Zawlocki through Elevator, shows a very happy Eck$ storming through impressive bars while joking about how this is his version of a Gangsta Grillz mixtape.

Look out for Freewave EP tomorrow. I imagine all of the songs will not have names, but will instead be numbers in order. Like I said, unconventional, but it's fascinating that I've had conversations with friends where I've had to say, “I really like 3 the best.” It's definitely a unique and cool way to pay attention to an artist.