Adamn Killa • Libra Season EP

Adamn Killa (pronounced A Damn Killa) is a Windy City rapper who first came on my radar through his association with collective 197. Last year, he was releasing music with artists like Monster Mike, Mayhem Meech, Hytman, Ran$ah, and more. Although I knew the name Adamn Killa, I wasn't familiar with his solo work until recently, when Zach from 1833 put me on with the song "Killa Season" during my fourth broadcast of Neon Nightlights.

Shortly after airing that broadcast, the pink-dreaded dreamer released an EP alongside well-respected SoundCloud producer Blank Body. The end result is the five-song Libra Season, where every song is a buffet of bass and hi-hats, of stomping production quakes and creepy synth lines. For those unfamiliar with their zodiac signs, "libra season" is between September 23 and October 22." How fitting. 

Blank Body provides five trap-heavy backdrops for Killa's woozy, baritone flows. Like a mixture between Kevin Gates, ZMoney, and a 60-year-old grandpa falling asleep while telling a story, Killa does a great job of painting a picture of excess and excellence while seemingly laying down on the couch next to a microphone. This EP is luxurious and unique, foreign but familiar. It is yet another interesting release to come out Chicago in 2015. And although Adamn Killa has a handful of projects on his SoundCloud (47 songs in total), it is his Libra Season EP that is the most concise, cohesive, and consistent. Listen (at least) twice.