Premiere • Pat App: "Spirit Bombs"

Directed by Levi Turner

About a month or so ago, the These Days team and I came across Indianapolis native Pat App through a chance email. Since, we have become big fans of the creative kid from Indy who teams up with us today to drop off his latest piece, a visual rendering for his single "Spirit Bombs". The single is an unreleased gem that the guys actually shot here in Chicago back in February. The city has become a sort of second home for App and his team, who collaborate often with the Chicago-based ELVTD collective. They described the group as "a collective from Chicago based around spreading conscious awareness and us coming together as people." After spending even a few minutes with the guys as we had a chance to do a couple weeks ago at one of our meetings and it's obvious they're making music for the right reasons. You can definitely look out for plenty more from TD and Pat App and his ELVTD collective in the future. We actually caught up with him really quickly to get a little added insight on the video and more. Check that out below and the video above and take note. Pat App has Spirit Bombs. 

Take us through the background of this single?
Back in February I linked up with our friends at ELVTD to perform at a showcase they had set up in Chicago. We filmed Spirit Bombs that same weekend traveling around Chicago and filming in the subways while we escaped the snow.

How did the visual come about, what was the idea behind it?
I mean Chicago is a good hip hop community in general. But my good friend Levi who directed the video had heard the track and shared some ideas he had filming in Chicago so we just spent the weekend after the showcase around the city filming.

What should people know about Pat App?
I think people should know about good music. And if they come across me in the process that’s cool because they get to see me do what I love and relate with me.

What should listeners be on the look out for?
Listeners should look out for more videos and a new project in 2016. Also keep up with the ELVTD movement, they’re doing big things in the world.

Anything to add?
Read more books. Stay elevated!