Fredo Santana (Ft. Maxo Kream) • "Big Homies"

Directed by A Zae Production

Fredo Santana and Houston's Maxo Kream have two distinct voices as rappers, but their two sounds just so happen to work like peanut butter and jelly. Think slow, very slow. We now have a visual from the lackadaisical trap dream of a song "Big Homies", released this summer, and I don't need to tell you that Fredo and Maxo are up to no good. 

On the mic though, it is all good, and Fredo continues to carry the torch for drill long after people thought he'd be done making waves. The specific aesthetics of the genre have splintered off and changed since 2012 (less militaristic, more wavy) but the essential rawness of it remains. There's just no denying it, the man has natural song creation chops that you have to marvel at. HurtBoyAG provides the beat, a sleeping giant full of warped strings and jumping organs, and acts as a pretty on point combo of the Chicago and Houston sounds.  

Fredo Santana's career has been crazy to watch these last couple years, and if quality tracks like this are the standard he sticks to we can look forward to many more songs from the cut. Big Boss Fredo and Maxo Kream, "Big Homies" is a big track.