Iris Temple • "Pretty Love"

Chicago duo Iris Temple unveil their melodic and endearing storytelling on “Pretty Love.”

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Blake Saint David • Cairo, Illinois

Their talents transcend age and the heteronormative world we live in.

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Matt Muse • "Ain't No"
Krystal Metcalfe • "Fearless"

“Fearless” by Krystal Metcalf is an addition to repossessing the culture.

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Kaina • "Green"

An extremely beautiful and melodic piece, KAINA just released her newest single “Green” along with visuals to match .

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Supa Bwe • Just Say Thank You

After a two-year hiatus, the eloquent, provocative Chicago product Supa Bwe has given us a “Just Say Thank You, a 7-track EP that serves as a prequel to his long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore release.

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Dehd • "On My Side"

Dehd, Chicago’s triad of musical joy just dropped a new video for their single “On My Side.” Taking place on a dusty Texas road bandmate Emily Kempf is engulfed in the southern light as she sings in the spirit of Karen O and Chicago DIY realness.

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Noname • "Song 32"
Polo G & Tay 600 • "Growing Pains"
Omar Apollo • "Friends"

Listen to Omar Apollo’s newest single.

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Young Jasper • Something to Say

Before hitting play, make sure your volume is raised to the highest tier.

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Ness Heads • "PaperTown"
Jamila Woods • "EARTHA"
ShowYouSuck • “Back to the Grid”

Amidst a prolific creative period, ShowYouSuck releases his first solo record in over a year.

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Divino Niño • "Coca Cola"

With Divino NIno having a tight-knit set of 4 members, each artist plays an integral part in creating harmony and fostering vulnerability on new track “Coca Cola.”

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Supa Bwe (ft. Rexx Life Raj) • "Time for Me"

With his next project in tow, Supa Bwe has unleashed the newest single off the Just Say Thank You EP.

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Mack 11 • "Jackie Joyner"

Mack 11’s new song “Jackie Joyner” comes in like that first day of nice 45 degree weather after a long ugly winter.

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Sam Hudgens • "Late"
Pivot Gang • "Studio Rules"

"Studio Ground Rules,” the third single off the yet untitled project, is a rundown of the Pivot Gang etiquette.

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Mic Lee & OvaEastMeech • "Cross My Mind"