Out Westeros • A These Days Production


Hosted by Arthur Haynes

Directed by Michael Sager

Executive Producer: Arthur Haynes

Contributors: Rachel Blackman, Kevin Gabrielsen, Kevin Shark, Carlos Castillo, Geoff Henao, Brent Butcher, Eric Montanez, Patrick Welby

A These Days Production

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Some of your favorite Chicago creatives will soon be joining us for a special project in honor of Game of Thrones final season. Look for new episodes Sunday nights at 6:00PM CST, all season long right before GoT.

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Out Westeros Ep. 1 - Appleby

Episode 1 of our Chicago-ass Game of Thrones preview-slash-recap talk show!! Host, Arthur Haynes, sits down with superfan and supersinger Appleby for his favorite moments, season 8 predictions, and his unlikely choice of favorite character.

Out Westeros Ep. 2 - Rachel Faith

Episode 2 of our Chicago-ass Game of Thrones recap series! This week, Arthur and guest, Rachel Faith, discuss Arya's (alleged) sociopathy, a dragon's views on incest, Bran's stale face, and "performance art."

Out Westeros Ep. 3 - Musa reems & loona dae

EPISODE 3!! What's a stranger sight than an army of the undead? A Game of Thrones optimist. This week, singer/song writer Loona Dae refuses to accept the inevitable and local emcee, Musa Reems, discusses the milk-chugging drip of Tormund Giantsbane.

Out Westeros Ep. 4 - Amare symoné & britteney kapri

The Battle of Winterfell left us with some mixed feelings and a lot of questions: Did the Night King die too soon? What exactly was Dany and Jon's plan anyway? And, apparently, "all men must NOT die???" Don't worry, this week's guests, Amare Symoné and Britteney Kapri, are here to help us make sense of it all.

Out Westeros Ep. 5 - Mfnmelo

It's a Mother's Day showdown!! Mother of Dragons vs. Mother of . . .mass murder? Anyway - this week, Arthur and Mfnmelo discuss Jon's plot privilege, incest (again), dead dragons, and fantastical fuckboy Jaime Lannister.