2nd Annual WindyFest Sunday September 1st, 2019 at The Lab on Lake

Flyer provided by  WindyFest

Flyer provided by WindyFest

There’s much to appreciate about the tight-knit creative community here in Chicago. From DJ sets, events or parties just about any day of the week, to open mics and rowdy DIY shows - our scene has been (and still is) experiencing an overflow of vibrancy. One upcoming DIY day festival in particular, WindyFest, is adding to the bustling Chicago scene with its focus of community.

6DNetworktainment presents the second annual WindyFest takes place this Sunday, September 1st at The Lab on Lake (3450 W. Lake Street). The community-focused festival aims to “strengthen and celebrate community pride by encompassing all things local, from the artwork showcased, to the music performed and vendor booths led by businesses and educational entities.” The fests’ lineup will bring in over ten artists, including familiar names such as rapper Ausar, singer/songwriter Bianca Shaw, and musician AMI. WindyFest has also added a handful of local DJ’s, sure to set an exuberant vibe, including DJ Ca$h Era, Just One and many more. Partnering sponsors for the day long fest include Vocalo, Do312, Art of Culture Inc., Stolen Rum, AC Green, and yours truly (These Days). 

You can RSVP for WindyFest via Eventbrite or Facebook, or Splashthat. While the fest is free to attend, a $5 donation is encouraged as all benefits will go directly to Art of Culture, Inc. While we eagerly wait to see all aspects of the second year day-fest, take a listen to WindyFests’ playlist featuring all artists on the bill! Stop by The Lab on Lake this upcoming Sunday, September 1st, 2019 at 2PM. We hope to see you there!