A Letter to Our Community

2018 was a year of tough but necessary conversations on the dynamics of power and influence and of the abuses that too often come along with them, of long-quieted voices bravely sharing their experiences, and of open listening and a renewed sense of accountability and responsibility.

The early part of this year has pushed those conversations closer to home, and therefore simple dialogue is not enough, considered actions must be taken - even small ones.

We love Chicago and the creative community here. It’s why we do what we do.

And what we do is cover the current Chicago artistic renaissance with access and empathy, aiming to promote a safe and welcoming creative scene - one with space in it for every kind of person, so long as they’re capable of behaving with respect for all others who share it.

Going forward, we will not be covering creators of any kind who fail to live up to that simple ideal of respect or who abuse their status in the community. We will welcome your input when you feel that we are falling short of that goal.

We will also do our best to amplify voices better suited for speaking to these issues when appropriate, and to shine a light on community organizers (groups like Our Music My Body) who have been doing the hard work of making our spaces safer for a while now.

This letter is not a response to any one instance or allegation of abuse - it is an acknowledgement that the issue is systemic, and a promise to do our best play a role as a corrective force in the long term. This letter is not the work, it's a commitment to do the work.

We are grateful to be part of a community with high standards and expectations for its members, as well as from its publications and institutions. There’s no place for abusers within this community, nor on the pages of our website.

Love and respect,

These Days