Artists To Watch at Riot Fest 2018


Riot Fest 2018 is upon us, and you’re running late! It’s time to make sure your fishnets are ripped and set right, hair perfectly messed up. Grab the sunscreen (don't get burned too badly at Douglas Park), drink lots of water, and start thinking schedule for this weekend’s festivities.

Friday: Direct Hit and the Bomb Pops are on again, as is that nice group of boys from Boston, Speedy Ortiz!  A number of bands from outside the US are on the bill today, including Face to Face, Sum 41, and our ski-masked queens of resistance, Pussy Riot. Someone resurrected Liz Phair from her cryochamber, and you'll even get to see K.Flay! The hip hop heads can rejoice with Atmosphere, Digable Planets, and Cypress Hill all on the same day. And at the end of the day Weezer delivering on what I'm sure will just be the most funderful set to finish it up for the night.

After Shows:

State Champs, Sleep on It, Undesirable People - Bottom Lounge @ 9:30

Hot Snakes, Mannequin Pussy - Cobra Lounge @ 10

Sum 41 - Concord Music Lounge @ 10

Saturday: Quite the day already, with Cobra Skulls, Twin Peaks AND The Jesus Lizard. Andrew W.K. and GWAR have returned, how perennial! I thought Elvis Costello would have been the most… ahem… experienced performer all weekend, but they've brought in Jerry Lee Lewis. Excited to see Interpol, wear your extra dark eyeliner. And finally,  relish in a night where see one of the most innovative of his generation drop knowledge, the singular Beck.

After Shows:

Emo Night Brooklyn - Metro @ 9:30

Bad Religion, Bully - Bottom Lounge @ 10

Lagwagon, Lower Class Brats - Cobra Lounge @ 10

K.Flay, Lonas - Concord Music Lounge @ 10

Face to Face (acoustic set), Austin Lucas - Sleeping Village @ 10

Sunday: Minnesota arrives in force, with disillusioned punks Dillinger Four, and proto pop punks Superchunk! Finn Wolfhard, of Stranger Things fame, will perform with his band Calpurnia. Johnny Marr comes back for another helping of Chicago sunshine. Alkaline Trio rides in as well, for what feels like the first time in too damn long. For the headbanging, you will need to speak to Suicidal Tendencies and Clutch. Riot Fest has been known to bring reunions center stage, and Blondie is a testament to that. The latest band to chance a return has nothing to FEAR but...well, I guess themselves. Incubus and Run the Jewels will co-headline, splitting the normally single mass of shuffling humanity at the end of the night into two.

After Shows:

Bouncing Souls, Sincere Engineer - Cobra Lounge @ 10

Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties, Beach Bunny - Sleeping Village @ 10

Well, what are you waiting for? Go! If you have any questions, go to Tickets are still on sale!