Eve Ewing brings Marvel Comics to Chicago with new series Ironheart

Illustrations by Kevin Libranda

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Acclaimed Chicago scholar and poet, Eve Ewing will be writing Marvel’s new Ironheart story launching this November. Featuring illustration from Kevin Libranda, the story centers around Riri Williams, a Black teenager from Chicago who essentially becomes the next Iron Man under the tutelage of Tony Stark.

Ewing is a product of Chicago’s Young Chicago Authors, and has amassed a sizable following for her work in education, activism, and poetry. After the nationwide success of her book Electric Arches, a campaign for her to write for Marvel was started by her fans in 2017 in a petition that went viral. Much of her previous work touches race, social inequities, and how government policies affect public education and young people, all of which are typically told through a distinct Chicago lens.

Ewing tweeted the announcement yesterday in an emotional thread saying “I'm really proud to be doing this & really proud & happy for Riri… I'm going to do my best to bring every ounce of Chicago black girl greatness she deserves and that you all deserve.” With an authentic Chicago voice behind the new Ironheart run, there is no doubt that the city will finally get a pop culture portrayal that it deserves.