Mamby Expands Its Footprint To Introduce The New Community Stage

Photo provided by React Presents

Photo provided by React Presents

Chicago’s Oakwood Beach hosts the (4th) annual Mamby On The Beach Music Festival. Mamby recently announced the expansion of the festival’s footprint, with the new addition of the Community Center and additional stage. The expansion will feature a number of local Chicago talents, as well as a non-profit village featuring organizations whose purpose is to benefit the community.

Young Chicago Authors, Pachanga, Harold Washington Cultural Center, and Haven Dance Team are among the different curators you can expect to see at Mamby’s Community Center. The center’s goal is to allow festival attendees to experience the diverse culture of Bronzeville and Hyde Park, two of the many culturally diverse neighborhoods in our beautiful city and close neighbors of the festival.

LeadersUp, OurMusicMyBody, Mothers Against Senseless Killings (M.A.S.K), Planned Parenthood, and M.U.R.A.L are just a few important social causes from in and around the Chicago area that will be hosted by Mamby’s non-profit village. These featured organizations continuously strive to implement positive social change in and beyond the city. 

2018 seems to be Mamby’s most promising year yet. With the addition of local talents the Community Center will host, to the community centered organizations that will be at Mamby’s non-profit village and the expansion of the festival's footprint as a whole, Mamby will surely be a memorable experience for attendees this year. Don’t miss out on all the beach-side fun next weekend! You can view the festival’s full lineup and set time schedule here. Visit for more information about attending Mamby On The Beach.