These Days Launches Weekly Playlist Series

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Finally, all your new favorite artists live in one place. Introducing The Forecast (Get it? It’s a weather pun… Cuz our logo’s a cloud? You get it, right?), a multi-genre curated playlist featuring new releases from emerging artists throughout the Midwest with a special focus on Chicago. The Forecast is our flagship playlist and the first entry into a series of forthcoming podcasts and playlists we’ll look to roll out in the coming months.

All this means for you, though, is that the great music we’ve been featuring since day one on the ‘Releases’ tab now lives where you’re already listening. We’ll update our independently-produced Spotify and Apple Music playlists weekly with selections we think you need to know about and are sure you’ll love. Follow along now on your streaming network of choice.

Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music.