Valee Has Great Day, Officially Joins G.O.O.D. Music

Photo from  @kingpush

Photo from @kingpush

“Chicago. GOOD Music. Pusha T. Valee. Newest Signee.” These were the words from Pusha T, as he and Valee announced some big news in a video via Twitter and Instagram. Valee is now a member of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. music label, entering one of music and hip-hop’s most exclusive clubs. Rumors have been circulating for months now, but this is the first confirmation. Valee has been one of Chicago’s most unique voices in hip-hop, and it finally paid off in a big way - those who’ve been listening can’t be too surprised. 

Valee had a big 2017 leading up to this announcement. His “Two-16’s” verse rapped on the beat’s high-hats went viral, he appeared on Chance & Jeremiah's second Merry Christmas Lil Mama project, and experienced a blizzard of coverage that kept his name buzzing throughout the hip-hop landscape. Now with this news, they're already re-releasing his single "Miami" as a remix featuring Pusha T. Valee has the talent and creativity to rise to the occasion, and rest assured people are going to see just what the chatter is about.