Music News Round Up • Whitney Middleton Hosts Pop-Up for CPS, Drake Endorses Chance for Mayor & More

We made it through the rain and it seems we might finally be due for Spring. As we inch closer to the best time to be in the middle of the map, there's plenty going on to keep track of. Happening this week is Whitney Middleton's pop up shop for CPS, a new mural focusing on Trump's border wall at Wicker Park's Violet Hour, a new short film from a local director and plenty more in our latest Music News Round Up. Check it all out below.

Whitney Middleton Hosts Thrift Shop Pop-Up CPS Benefit

Chicago stylist Whitney Middleton, perhaps best known for her work with Chance The Rapper is taking a page out of her client's book and announced today that she will be hosting a pop-up vintage thrift shop at 1832 S. Halsted in the Pilsen neighborhood on Friday April 14 with all proceeds being donated to Chicago Public Schools.

The event, part of Pilsen's 'Second Friday Art Walk' is a furtherance of Chance's push to help close the massive funding gap facing the city's public school program. So far, Chance and his team have helped raise over $2 million for the cause. If you're a stylist, designer, brand owner or just someone with some dope pieces that don't fit anymore, feel free to get in touch with Middleton here to get in tune!

Elijah Alvarado & ProbCause Help Create Trump-Inspired Violet Hour Mural

If you've ever been to Wicker Park it's likely you've noticed the oversized murals that have long graced the front of the bar Violet Hour on Damen Ave. Regularly changing between artists and motifs, it got a makeover by a pair of familiar faces in rapper/artist ProbCause and filmmaker extraordinaire Eiljah Alvarado who took some inspiration from our current Commander-in-Chief. For their take on the longtime wall installation, Prob and Elijah, who have teamed up for several dynamic projects together, depicted a wall akin to Trump's border. Over the course of April, pieces of plaster and paper machete will fall off, or "crumble" revealing another image beneath and will be rearranged on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

"My intention is not to shove my viewpoint in anyone's face but to let [viewers] draw their own conclusions from the imagery," said Alvarado.

Last year the pair debuted an election season-themed cartoon featuring Trump and Clinton and also animated one of the best what-if's ever, giving life to the Martin Shkreli-Wu Tang Clan-Bill Murray saga. We'll keep you posted as this project evolves further.

Louis The Child Featured in American Express Ad

One of the most exponential rises we've seen in recent memory to come out of the city's music scene has certainly been the ascendance of our second cover story subjects, Louis The Child. The electro-inclined pairing have been on a tear of talented releases, high-profile festival sets and all the other luxuries that come with the space they've know found themselves occupying. It was no surprise then to hear a familiar backing track on the latest American Express ad. The pair, who recently dropped a fresh EP of new music ahead of embarking back on the festival circuit had their breakout single from last year, "Weekend" featuring Icona Pop. Check it out here and keep an eye out for this duo, who will be regulars from coast to coast.

Drake Endorses Chance The Rapper for Mayor

There's been a lot of talk lately about Chance The Rapper running for Mayor of Chicago. While we'll take the time to do a deep-dive into that conversation at a later time, it seems everyone else has been jumping at the opportunity to offer their two cents on the situation that Chano himself hasn't even substatiated. Drake, the guy who is the grown-up equivalent to that kid in middle school who made fun of you until someone esle told him you were cool, told TMZ this week he tohught Chance would make a great Mayor. Thanks Drake.

Cole Bennett Debuts Short Film, 'Lone Springs'

Plano, Illinois' finest, Cole Bennett is back with another film excursion, this time moving away from music videos and documentary work and this time focusing on a short film by the name of 'Lone Springs' which dropped over the weekend. Featuring a slew of local rappers and artists including Femdot, Twista, Warhol.SS, Taylor Bennett, King Louie, Supa Bwe, Famous Dex, Saint Millie and more which certainyl grounds the visual in the Chicago scene while juxtaposing that against shots set distinctly outside the city's reach. Check it out for yourelf below.