Chance the Rapper Continues to Poke Fun at Major Labels with "No Problems" Tour Visuals

It's not secret at this point that Chance The Rapper has positioned himself as public enemy number one for the typified label structure that has long dominated the music industry. Characterized by his career as a whole, he doubled down on the sentiment with his latest album, Coloring Book which won three Grammys and established him as a bonafide star owing nothing to the man. One song in particular from that project, the single "No Problems" featuring 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, acts as a direct affront to the business side of music. On the first leg of his debut 'Be Encouraged' arena tour he underlined the anti-label sentiment with a series of images that flashed across the screen behind him during his performance of "No Problems" in San Diego on Tuesday night.

Chance has been vocal in his independence since emerging on the national scene just over fours years ago on the heels of his Acid Rap mixtape which made waves when it charted on Billboard as a free release and eventually forced the hand of much of the industry to accept acts not signed to a major. Punctuated by performances on Stephen Colbert's Late Show and Ellen Degeneres that put his message front and center,  the endeavor culminated with a trio of Grammy awards this past February, affirmation of his driving force throughout his career. 

With a new tour and mounting public support from all corners, Chance appears ready to take the next step in his crusade to free the artist from the machine, and will be campaigning his message across the country for the better part of the year. Stay tuned for more.