Chance The Rapper 'Frustrated' Following Gov. Rauner Meeting

Photo via Complex

Photo via Complex

It seems as though the relationship between Chance The Rapper and Bruce Rauner is off to a rocky start. After waiting two weeks, Chancelor Bennett finally got his chance Friday morning to sit down with the Illinois Governor at the Thompson Center in Chicago. The paur had scheduled a meeting for Wednesday of this week following an exchange on Twitter, but it was postponed after tornadoes tore across the southern portion of the state. 

While some media outlets questioned whether the meeting would ever take place, it was quickly rescheduled for downtown Chicago Friday afternoon. While Rauner played the politician, summarizing his conversation with Chance by saying, "We agreed we are going to talk more," Rauner said. "And I hope we can come to a good solution. I'm cautiously optimistic that we can."

Striking a different chord, Chance, who was stopped by a slew of news reporters with cameras and microphones in tow while leaving the 40-minute meeting, characterized his time with the Governor as 'frustrating'. Continuing, he urged Rauner to 'Take our kids off the table' and challenged the reporters and media in attendance to do their dilligence in explaining how CPS got to the sort of funding crisis that got us to this point.

“I’m not like a press person, so I don’t know how to do this shit, but I’m just saying I want people to do their jobs. I want you all to do your jobs, as a matter of fact,” he said. “If all your publications that you guys work for … and the international and national publications out there – Complex, Billboard, people that post about me walking down the street and shit — if you guys could give a comprehensive history on how we ended up here.”

Soon after the meeting, Chano fired off a tweet promising more ideas and plans for the local education system by the following Monday. While the rest of the country tries to catch up to Chance and the CPS saga, we actually put together a five-piece investigative series into the state of the Chicago Public Schools we ran last week. Stay tuned for more.