Chance Leads Google.Org to Donate $1.5 Million to the Kids of Chicago


Chance did something beyond special when he initially donated $2.2 million of his own money to Chicago Public Schools. So while CPS has experienced turbulence recently with the resignation of former CEO Forrest Claypool, Chance's lead-by-example mentality is proving effective. Through Social Works Chi, the corporate world is joining in, with companies like the Chicago Bulls, Jewel, and Conagra Foods cashing in. Now, you can include one of the largest companies in the world with those jumping on board – Google.

Last week Google made the leap, contributing $1,500,000 to Chicago students. $1,000,000 goes to Social Works and their #SupportCPS movement, $500,000 goes to CPS directly, and all of it goes to helping the children of Chicago. The money comes from Google’s charitable arm, ‘Google.Org’, which has made its goal to donate 1 billion dollars in grants over the next 5 years, as well as contributing 1,000,000 employee volunteer hours. Much of the money will go to an emphasis on teaching computer science and arts to Chicago students. The announcement was given at Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Community Academy, in the South Shore.

While the city government of Chicago has been quick to cut budgets and close schools, including 4 Englewood schools this month, Chance is doing his part to show that the people of Chicago won’t take those decisions sitting down. The city and state cry broke, but still find resources to invest elsewhere (Amazon, Depaul Arena, Ogilvey, etc) over the kids of Chicago. Chance’s move highlighted the ludicrousness of those priorities.As Chance put it to the students during the announcement, "Y'all not getting the same thing these other kids is getting and it's not fair. I want y'all to know that…" Chance The Rapper continues to make the city proud, and while Google has it's own host of issues, it's good to see the massive company do something for the people with this donation.

Social Works has a new charity event coming up - Night At The Museum. Find information here, it's not something you'll want to miss.