News Round Up • Ty Money & The O'My's Featured in Doc, Yakub Films Drops Reel & More

Fall is officially here and as we throttle towards the hibernation period in Chicago, the news and moves of locals continue to stay as warm as ever. Included in our latest news round up are stories of a series of Chicago natives and transplants making their name around the city and beyond. Green Label stopped by to talk to some local artists, Yakub Films offered up his 2015 reel, a Probcause/Elijah Alvarado joint once again became relevant and Concord Music Hall celebrates three years this week. All that and more on our latest Round Up.

Joey Purp Joins Pitchfork For Their "Over/Under" Series

Save Money representative Joey Purp sits down with Pitchfork and puts his inner class clown on display for their newest episode of "Over/Under". In essence, they give him certain topics and he says whether he thinks they are over rated or under rated. It’s a simple game with hilarious results. If you don’t know Joey Purp, you should check out the video he dropped this week for his single "Girls @" feat. Chance the Rapper. Then, be sure to watch "Over/Under".
It might sound strange, but I feel like he and I are friends now after a few minutes of joking about the Simpsons, Tinder, Snapchat, and Halle Berry. I never took the Simpson’s too seriously but thanks to Joey’s enlightened perspective I now see how they characterized a terrible American household...SMH. I also learned that the way to Joey’s heart is not through Tinder and that he has some “reservations” about Halle Berry. All in all, this dude was very funny and "Over/Under" is definitely worth checking out! 

Concord Music Hall Celebrates Three Years

In Chicago, music venues are important bastions of culture. Often ridiculed, put down and undercut by local governments, the homes to concerts and festivals are key to the development of the rich music scene we enjoy today. Without stages to perform, no one would make it out. It's with that in mind that Concord Music Hall will celebrate it's third year on Milwaukee Ave, September 28.

The three-way project developed by React Presents, Silver Wrapper and Riot Fest will "continue to bring a truly diverse and eclectic range of musical acts, national touring bands, and DJs to Chicago, spanning all genres of music including funk, punk, rock, electronic, indie, hip-hop, house, techno, metal, jazz, jam bands, and those which cannot be defined," according to a press release. The venue opened in 2013 with a Gogol Bordello show and has since hosted near-nightly performances ranging in size and genre from J. Cole and Skrillex to Jimmy Cliff and Primus. At a time when city officials are attempting to rob the pockets of local venues and longtime mainstays like the Double Door mull moves as the Congress stays shuttered, we'll certainly need the venue's presence in the years to come. 

To celebrate their three year anniversary, the company announced a new website and streamlined partnership with TicketFly to help improve concert-goers experiences.

Ty Money & The O'My's Among Chicagoans Featured on Green Label

The folks at Green Label, the music blog supported by Mountain Dew, have been crossing the country over the course of the summer months following their Dew x NBA 3X, an elite basketball tournament which landed a couple weeks ago right here in Chicago. As part of their  'Live From the Streets' video series which puts a spotlight on those creating and making a difference in the tournament's host cities, the Green Label team made sure to touch base with a cross-section of local creatives. Included in the short piece are sitdowns with rapper Ty Money, singer/songwriter and O'My's frontman Maceo Haymes and a peek at the worksof the talented Kane-1. It seems as though Chicago is breaking through across plenty of mediums and Green Label does it's best to keep up with the video available below.

Yakub Films Releases 2016 Video Reel

Without the videographers and photographers of the world, the internet would be a vast wasteland of uninteresting opinions and word-art. One of the names pacing the Chicago scene on the visual side through this most recent renaissance has certainly been Jacob Linden, known more often by his artist tag, 'Yakub Films'. After really breaking out in 2015 with a talented run of videos that saw him systematically climb the ladder of video work in the city, Yak has not slowed down a bit in 2016. This year saw him make forays into drone work, getting into some trouble along the way, help out on Austin Vesely-directed pieces like "Angels" and his upcoming 'Slice' film and, of course, stayed the course with his music video production which continues to be A-1. Yak is set for big things moving forward and is an absolute necessity to the scene at large and this weekend offered fans and contemporaries alike a collection of his work from this year. Check it all out for yourself below.

ProbCause & Elijah Alvarado Debut Debate-Themed Cartoon

The debate the other day was hard to watch. For anyone who was able to peek through the cracks of their fingers between palming their own faces Monday evening, the whole thing was just a disaster for America's image on the international scene. Regardless of that debacle, the ongoing battle for the White House has certainly brought with it plenty of comedic opportunities, opportunities not lost on a pair of locals, ProbCause and Elijah Alvarado. The pair have been experimenting with a series of talented animations for over a year now, first breaking out with their viral hit that detailed Bill Murray and The Wu Tang Clan's robbery of Martin Shkreli's one-of-a-kind album. Released back in March, this one is a piece highlighting the hilarity of Hillary and Donald squaring off. Talented in their own rights as rapper and video director, these dudes are killing it on the side-projects and continue a winning streak in that realm with another hilarious offering. Check it out below.

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