Closed Sessions & Remy Martin Debut 'OddCouple' Documentary

The city at large has been enjoying a successful 2016 on the music side of things.  Nowhere has that been more centrally focused than appropriately at the city's leading independent hip-hop imprint, Closed Sessions, who bookended a busy weekend by teaming up with Remy Martin for a short documentary on signee OddCouple.

TheseDays was in the house for the party last month and it's cool to see the sponsorship manifest itself beyond the nightlife. The three and a half-minute piece centers on one half of the label's production team who has been busy this year, lending a hand on Jamila Woods' HEAVN, Kweku Collins' Nat Love and Joey Purp's iiiDrops. Currently putting the final touches on Liberation, his follow-up to last year's Chatterbox, now would be the perfect time to dig a little deeper on the thoughts behind the man. Check it out above.