Taylor Bennett Proves Himself During New York City Trip

For anyone who grew up recognizing Chicago and the midwest as their home, New York City has always held a special place in a hip hop fans heart. We've experienced feelings of admiration and competition at times with our big bro NY. We might be the younger brother in this analogy, but with titles like 'The Second City' it's understandable that a sizable chip exists on the collective shoulder of those that grow up, spend time and call Chicago home. While we may scoff at Macy's and thumb our nose at Derrick Rose in a Knicks jersey, there's no denying the impact proving yourself in the country's biggest city can do for the profile of a young rising artist.

Three years ago Chance The Rapper thrust himself into the forefront of music during a trip to New York that saw him shoot his video for "Juice" and this past weekend his younger brother Taylor continued to prove he has a talent all his own by taking advantage of a trip out east to headline SOB's with support from Supa Bwe and also make a few stops at some right of passage destinations, a highlight of which is of course Sway in the Morning.

Spending over an hour on the program, Taylor speaks on a handful of topics including Broad Shoulders,  "Chance Song", a dedication to his brother that he released just moments ago, and being a little brother among other things. Following a great conversation with Sway and his universe, Taylor destroyed Sway and DJ Wonder's coveted "5 Fingers of Death" test, freestyling for over 12 minutes over 10 different instrumentals for the first time ever! Woah. Couldn't ask for a better impression to leave on New York.