Chance The Rapper Debuts "Blessings" Live on 'Fallon' & Announces 'Chance 3' Release Date

Chance The Rapper continued to pile on the headlines once again this week, appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' to debut "Blessings" off his upcoming Chance 3 mixtape that got an official release date of May 13. Flanked by longtime friends and collaborators Jamila Woods and Donnie Trumpet, Chance took the stage in a familiar outfit: a combo of his understated '3' hat and aztec-patterned shirt that also feature on the Brandon Breaux-designed artwork for the project. 

"Blessings" seems to fit the Chance narrative at this point, continuing to underline intrinsic values with real life problem solving, he once again finds the diagonal in unpacking some of life's nuances while staying light enough to keep one's head bobbing. For her part, Woods continues to tear apart the late night circuit, gracing the stage once again after appearing alongside Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for "White Privilege 2" and again with Chance for Saturday Night Live. For a young rising act without a proper solo debut project to date, the record so far is far from shabby. 

So it appears we're a week removed from the full collection of music, call it our "Blessings". The excitement honestly couldn't build anymore, with fans taking part in the action and posting the cover art from coast to coast. It's surely to be a special one. Sitting at the bar the other night with Chance's Dad, it was evident how important this third installment will be. Setting the glass on the marble bartop he looked at me, smiled and calmly said, "It's as Chicago as it gets." I guess the rest of us will have to wait and see.