Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring World Is Under Way

Earlier this week Chance The Rapper announced an upcoming "experience" called Magnificent Coloring World that would be held in Chicago today. Speculation about what this experience would entail ran rampant throughout the week, but that didn't stop fans from selling out all four time slots almost instantly. 

Now that the day is upon us, details of the event have begun to pour in via those fans as they tweet, post and snap their experience in this Chancecentric world. Fans who purchased tickets were instructed to meet at a location where they had the opportunity to purchase some of the Coloring Book merchandise before being shuttled to an undisclosed location by school bus. 

Photo by Jake Hausch

Upon arriving to a warehouse, fans filed into a dark room where the Coloring Book intro began playing and a video was project on a curtain that hung in the middle of the room. As the video wrapped, the curtain dropped and fans were allowed to explore the Willy Wonka like setup. The album continued to play, candy was distributed, games and coloring stations were laid out throughout the space. In addition to the plethora of activities, fans even got a chance to explore music video sets from some of Chance's most memorable visuals including "Sunday Candy" and "Brain Cells" just to name a few. 

Photo by Joshua Mellin

While Chance was spotted on sight by a couple fans, there was no performance from the Chicago native during the event, though the a Choir was on hand to sing along with the album, dancers came out to perform, and even Benny the Bull and Francis of Francis and the Lights were seen among the crowd. Even sans a live performance, there doesn't seem to be a disappointed tweet among the thousands of people talking about and experiencing the Magnificent Coloring World today.

The all ages time slots are occurring now, and a 21+ event is scheduled for tonight at 8pm. The latter had a higher ticket price and people are questioning if something special is being reserved for that, but we currently don't have any more information.

Hope you had the opportunity to cop tickets to this very unique album experience, but if not, I'm sure Chance The Rapper will be thinking up a new way to engage his fans soon.