Chance The Rapper Releases '3' Cover Art

Three years ago today Chance The Rapper debuted his monumental Acid Rap release. A mixtape released for free on the Internet that took Lil Chano From 79th to an internationally-known performer at the top of music, it’s also the last full-length solo work we’ve seen from the 22-year-old who spent a Saturday recently with President Obama at the White House. While we still haven’t seen the new project which Chance has called the end of a trilogy that began with 10 Day, he did offer up one step forward in that process, dropping the artwork for the release on his website, today and mentioning that the project will arrive in 'weeks'.

The aesthetics of the artwork seem to keep with previous covers of 10 Day and Acid Rap which were both handled by local visual artist Brandon Breaux and features Chance looking endearingly down with a ‘3’ prominently displayed across his hat. The backdrop bears witness to the sort of trips visuals of the first two. This time, however, Chance is looking down with a smile, a change from the last one which featured him looking forward with an unsure expression and the first which had him peering wishfully upwards. We’ll definitely have more coming on the artwork itself in the coming days, for now though go pick up your own poster of the cover, available now on the website, 10 for $20 and keep an eye out for the full project, it could drop at any moment.