News RoundUp • King Louie Snaps on Spike Lee, Kanye Done with CDs & Chief Keef Retires?

King Louie Snaps on Spike Lee via Twitter

Chicagoans don't forget. Along with broad shoulders come deep memories and director Spike Lee is finding that out the hard way in the wake of the release of his Chiraq movie which has spiraled from a simple film debut to a deeper conversation that has since given way to petty namecalling. That continued today as King Louie, purveyor of the Drill movement and one of the originators of the 'Chiraq' tagline once again went in on the geriatric filmmaker.

The slew of tweets came after Lee once again stoked the anger left simmering by the film which was widely panned by critics not on Lee's payroll and was largely unseen by most locally despite the backlash. His most recent comments came in a talk at Northwestern University where Lee chastised Chance The Rapper, Mayor Emanuel and those critical of his film. Worst of all he poked fun at Louie's recent shooting which left him with a bullett in his head, a continuance of low-blows that began with Lee's insistence that Chance didn't mean well because his father works for Emanuel. The whole thing is an embarassing chapter for a director that to this point was one I held in high regard. While it might be a bit pointed, Louie's right on this one.

Kanye West to Forgo CDs for Good

Nearly 40 years ago a Chicago radio DJ ended an era when Steve Dahl invited White Sox fans to bring their favorite disco records to be burned on the field. Similarly, but with decidedly much less fanfare, Kanye West appears to have made a similar move as he announced Monday that he will forgo offering CDs for his recent project, The Life of Pablo

While it's still to be seen whether he sticks to his convictions (not exactly West's calling card), this could be a further step towards the disintegration of CDs in our day to day lives. The elimination of ports for the medium in Mac computers and in newer cars was an inkling of things to come, perhaps West's words will be the nail in the coffin. 

Chief Keef Reportedly Retires

Could this be the end for Keef? While that line has been written with varying degrees of real worry for years now, it appears Sosa may be stepping away after a brief but insightful back and forth with fans over the weekend. When responding to tweets about new music, Keef expressed frustration at other acts biting his style and delivery.

In a rare moment of seemingly lucid thought, the 20-year-old MC who has enjoyed one of the most prolific career arcs in recent history, expressed a disinterest in the industry and perhaps the recent leaks that had him taking to Twitter late last week have something to do with that. While we certainly don't believe we've heard the last from Keith Cozart, there's really no telling what could happen with this mercurial talent. Stay tuned.