Director Austin Vesely Updates on 'SLICE' Film Starring Chance The Rapper

Chicago-based director Austin Vesely has provided an update (via Instagram) on the status of his film titled 'SLICE' starring Chance The Rapper. Details are minimal, the "murder mystery" plot centers around the murder of a pizza delivery driver and Chance's character a former Chinese food delivery driver, who's also a werewolf. In the letter, Vesely notes that although the production of the film has been delayed, it's because the film received additional support and attention. 

Vesely originally announced the project in the Spring of 2015. The film's and it's connection to Chance The Rapper received international coverage from Billboard, Pitchfork, The Fader, The New York Times and more. With new interest in the project, Vesely notes "What all this amounts to is that that SLICE, while later than expected, is now on track to be greater than I could’ve imagined, and I’ve discovered new truth about patience and perseverance."

Vesely has previously directed notable music videos for Chance The Rapper like "Sunday Candy" and "Juice." Vesely also directed Kehlani's video for "The Way" featuring Chance The Rapper. Chance previously starred in a short-film called "Mr. Happy." The 23-minute short was directed by Colin Tilley, who met Chance during the video shoot for Justin Bieber's "Confident." The film has over 1.2 Million views on YouTube.

A Vesely directed music video for Chance The Rapper's "Angels" is expected to drop soon.