Kanye West #BlamesChance for 'T.L.O.P' Delay

We've been waiting for the latest installment from Kanye West and it appears as if we have yet another reason for the pushback as West tweeted early this morning that it was none other than Chance The Rapper's fault. Citing the single "Waves" specifically as the reason for the delay in the project making it's way to iTunes, both West and Chance continued to tease the release in the wake of the iconic #YeezySeason.

Chance picked up where West left off, telling fans and listeners that he was up all night finishing the "Waves", a new addition to the tracks that debuted at Madison Square Garden Thursday as West's eighth album. It's what we've all been waiting for since Chance and 'Ye were pictured together backstage at Coachella and sets the stage for a true cross-generational collaboration that is as Chicago-centric as it gets. It's doubly impressive that 'Ye has the kind of confidence in young Chance to not only feature him prominently on his album, but hold the entire process up to boot. Chance has been ascending the levels of stardom over the last few years but this latest cosign should prove to push him further into the stratosphere.