News Round Up • Closed Sessions Earn Recognition, Smino Heads Home & More

Photo by Michael Salisbury

Photo by Michael Salisbury

We're almost through with the holiday season once and for all, and while the happenings may have slowed considerably, there's still plenty going on in and around our world to keep everyone up to date. In this edition of our News Round Up, we've combed through the midwestern headlines to find you the best news nuggets including some familiar faces that ended up in the newspaper, a homecoming for a Chicago transplant, beachside festival tickets and much more. Check all that out and more here below.

Closed Sessions Owners Named 'Chicagoans of the Year' by Tribune

While 2016 has undoubtedly turned out to be a huge year for the city of Chicago's arts scene as a whole, nowhere was it more consistently concentrated than Soundscape Studios on west Chicago Avenue where independent label Closed Sessions resides. Inside, owners Mike Kolar and Alex Fruchter have built a family-first roster that wowed critics and fans alike with a string of undeniable full-length projects that paced the year. All those wins didn't go unnoticed either, and just before Christmas the Chicago Tribune named the pair part of their 'Chicagoans of the Year'.

The acknowledgement is at once appropriate and endearing for the two Chicago natives who have been instrumental in developing the scene we enjoy today. After first linking up to produce videos shot in the studio by Fructher's RubyHornet website, they eventually incorporated as Closed Sessions in 2013 and signed their first artist. Since then, they've grown into a fully-operational local juggernaut, a title they certainly laid claim to with a powerful 2016. The year saw the guys release full-length projects for their artists Kweku Collins, Jamila Woods and OddCouple as well as developing their early 2016 addition from Cleveland, Kipp Stone and prepping their latest signee, Milwaukee's WebsterX. All in all, these two have built something that appears poised to stand the test of time. For now at least, they seem to be finally getting their due. Check out the Tribune's video interview below.

Smino Celebrates Holidays with Hometown Sell-Out in STL

Few artists in Chicago or the country at large really had a better year in 2016 than St. Louis transplant Smino and the 25-year-old celebrated the holidays by heading home to Missouri for a raucous, sold out show he dubbed 'Kribmas'. 

Having cut his teeth developing his sound immersed in the Chicago scene for the last few years, often locked for days at a time in the production room at Classick Studios, Smino had yet to do his birthplace right and took advantage with his first major show there. The cameras of course were rolling and we have the full lead up for you below courtesy of the Zero Fatigue team with a recap on its way. Catch Smino in Chicago closing out this big year alongside none other than Gucci Mane and more at REACT's Reaction New Year's Eve.

Mamby On The Beach Tickets Go On Sale

Don't get fooled by that post-Christmas spike in the temperatures, we're very much still in for some rough cold for a couple months at least. Regardless, the good folks over at REACT Presents are looking encouragingly forward to the summertime, announcing Monday that the first wave of tickets for their third edition of their waterside 'Mamby on the Beach' festival. 

The tickets, available on the company's website, begin at $40 and arrived alongside a recap video from last year's festivities. With one of the most unique setups for a festival in a city neck deep in them during the summer months, Mamby on the Beach transformed Oakwood Beach into a three-stage experience complete with an open-air and tented stage on the beach itself. 

While presale tickets have already sold out, Early Bird passes are available at starting at $49. If you're really bout that life, get ya tickets, if not maybe check out the visuals from last year here.

Sliime Debuts 'Broke Ass Low Budget Show'

We at TheseDays have been big proponents of developing things in a DIY manner and a fellow creative from the city has broken into the talk show game in this exact manner, offering fans and those paying attention the first episode of his well-titled 'Broke Ass Low Budget Show'.

The show debuted Monday and features rapper Joseph Chilliams of the PIVOT camp and has a sort of locally-focused feel of a Eric & Andre. It's great to see those with the spirit in the city pushing the boundaries and continuing to shine a light on those making history in the city. Watch the first one here and keep it locked for more.