Chance The Rapper & soX Cap Huge Year with White House Christmas Performance

As if 2016 couldn't have become a bigger benchmark in the life of young Chancelor Bennett and his merry band of musicians and artists, the collective known as the Social Experiment plus Jamila Woods flew out east to join none other than President Obama and the outgoing First Family for a holiday celebration that won't soon be forgotten.

The performance was part of the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, the last of Obama's eight-year presidency and appropriately featured Chance and co. Obama and Chance have known one another for years, dating back to Chance's work alongside the President first in Chicago and then in the capitol. In that way, the soulful, uplifting set that even had Sasha Obama singing along, was a fitting capstone to the sort of inclusive endearingness of the outgoing campaign. As we prepare ourselves for whatever comes next, it was absolutely refreshing to have the hometown team present and accounted for in the President's final months. While Kanye may have made his declaration for 2020, it's his Chicago understudy who's looking like it might be a reality. Check out the footage in the videos and tweets below.