Nico Segal Drops Donnie Trumpet Moniker Following Election

Nico Segal has as much to do with this website existing as just about anyone else. Since being introduced to him as a high schooler playing in the band Kids These Days, the young Chicago trumpeter has been an inspiration and an incredible representation of all that makes both this city's youth & its music scene so beautiful. Diverse, collaborative, caring, open minded & positive, Nico lives up to these words, which means it wasn’t fitting for him to bear a name derived from someone representing the antithesis of these qualities - Donald Trump.

Over the past few years, Segal has operated under the name Donnie Trumpet. Most notably, delivering the critically acclaimed, Social Experiment-backed album Surf which featured some of the music industry's brightest stars. Having come up with the name, long before the President-elect began the hate and fear driven campaign that has caused many Chicagoans to rise up in protest, the play on words has long lost its original humor.

Following both the conclusion of The Magnificent Coloring World Tour alongside Chance the Rapper and the results of the election, Nico has decided to say goodbye to the name once and for all. Read Segal's send off to the moniker below as shared on his website & Facebook page. Farewell Donnie Trumpet, you've done us well. Welcome back Nico, you're right on time. 

Farewell, “Donnie Trumpet”
We just came off the release of Coloring Book and The Magnificent Coloring World Tour, both huge successes. But all during the tour, something heavy was looming over me — Donald Trump — and the connection people are drawing between his name and mine.
What began as a joke, a silly play on words, is not funny anymore. I don’t want to be connected to Trump’s hateful tone or his hurtful message. I don’t want to be misrepresented or misunderstood. Trump’s beliefs are not mine.
From this point on, call me Nico. I am proud to be part of a multicultural family, from the great City of Chicago. I am grateful for the diversity of friends and family who have taught me and believed in me and encouraged me. I couldn’t stand to ever hurt them, or you.
Thank you for understanding.
Peace, please, and so much love,
— Nico 🎺