Weekend Shopping • STA to carry Hidden Characters, Alan Zhang designs new Chicago Native collection & DBM shares MCD merch

For those of you looking to spend your weekend gearing up for fall in Chicago, you got plenty of options. Several of the city's most beloved streetwear brands came with something new this week. Grab the details below and go ball a little bit, you deserve it. 

Chicago Native's new collection & New Direction

Few brands have made the type of mark on their audience as local favorites Chicago Native have. With only have handful of releases to date, the brand has been very successful while keeping things strikingly simple. Their last collection, which released this past spring, saw them move beyond the minimal blacks, whites and grays to experiment with color for the first time. Their new collection sees yet another step forward, though reverting back to the core colorway, Chicago Native founder Juan Riesco enlists Hebru Brand designer/illustrator Alan Zhang to collaborate on the designs. Making use of Chinese characters and a backbone graphic with the city's skyline embedded in it, Zhang's contributions really make these pieces stand out from anything else in the brand's catalogue to date. In a quick conversation this morning, Riesco explains his vision for Chicago Native moving forward. Read up on that below and shop the new collection here

So up until now Chicago native have been very focused on my tastes and likings. I wanted to do something that was more focused on the community of growing artists in Chicago, so as of now I’m looking to use Chicago native the brand as a collaborative platform to showcase different artistic talents around Chicago
— Juan Riesco

St. Alfred collabs with & now carries Hidden Characters

Birthed in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013, the clothing brand Hidden Characters has gained a cult like following on the web over the last few years and for good reason. Simply put, they do things way better than just about anyone else. Their designs are as good as they are unique, they source quality materials, their visual compliments are super on point and how they fuel fan loyalty is great. Even the little things they do, like only dropping releases at 10:17 in honor of Gucci, make them hard not to love. Until now, fans have only been able to get their hands on Hidden's garments by paying extra close attention to the brand's socials and forums in hopes to catch wind of a new release before in sells out online. Today, marks the first day that HC can be purchased IRL, and there's no where more fitting for that to be than Chicago's St. Alfred. Along with making many of their latest releases available, Hidden Characters paired up with STA for a collaboration tee inspired by Mick Foley. Preview what's now on sale in store down below, and remember to Have A Nice Day

DBM for MCD line now available at Fat Tiger Workshop

After making a big splash at Chance the Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day last Saturday, Joe Freshgoods made his MCD-inspired pieces available in store at Fat Tiger Workshop a couple days ago. Having recently worked on both the official MCD merchandise (which is expected to drop on ChanceRaps.com in the near future) as well as the official merch collection for Chance's current tour alongside OJ Hays, Joe providing his own gear for the big day made for a great compliment. However that's not all the Fat Tiger family had in store for fans this week as they made their DBM Merch & We All We Got collections live as well. Either get over to the shop on Grand or check out the webstore - you should know by now their stuff doesn't stay in stock for long.