News RoundUp • Bandman Kevo's Legal Woes Continue, Double Door Continues Fight & More


Bandman Kevo Reportedly Facing 30 Years In Prison

Local rapper Bandman Kevo came to prominence over the last couple of year telling stories of riches and opulence with songs like "Want My Money", "Baller In Me" and "Cost A Lot" and it appears that lifestyle may have come at a cost. After being indicted for bank fraud in October of 2014, the Chicago Tribune is reporting today that Kevo and an accomplice will plead guilty to the charges. 

The Tribune initially reported that Kevo was facing 30 years in prison, but that number was said to be false by Bandman himself who allegedly spoke to FakeShoreDrive about the situation. When asked about the terms of his plea deal, Kevo said, "white collar criminals who’ve stolen millions of dollars don’t even see that kind of time."

While we will have to wait and see what comes of this latest development, it is a troubling revelation for an artist that had shown promise recently. I remember doing a story on him for XXL awhile back and he took me to his lavish apartment and drove me in his new Mercedes, he certainly lived the life he talked about, we even got an ice cream cone. Kevo always seems to come out on top though, only time will tell though.

No Decision in Double Door Eviction Case

If you haven't heard already, the landlord of the building housing iconic music venue the Double Door is currently in the process of trying to evict it's tenants and sell the place to developers to potentially build a Shake Shack in it's place. The two sides were in court Friday and a decision has yet to be found. A judge did allow the venue to continue selling tickets through March and running shows at the space it has occupied since 1994.

The sides will be back in court on January 27.

Gentrification Pushes Northwest, Along the G-Highway

Can't say you didn't see it happening. Humboldt Park is continuing to see new developments pop up all along the newly formed 606 Trail that opened last spring. This time, it is a series of homes a block from the trail on Humboldt Blvd, each beginning at $900,000. 

"You continue to see people who maybe were unfamiliar with the area in general and were drawn to the 606 or having very strong feelings about the 606 having a positive effect on the neighborhood," Staci Slattery of the Biazar Group, a co-listing agent on the properties, said to DNAInfo.

The 'positive influence' also includes rising home and rent prices across the area, driving longtime residents and lower-income renters out of the area.