The O'My's Featured in Renaissance Hotels Short Film

Multimedia appears to be looking at Chicago from all angles with several TV shows, a bustling movie studio on the southwest side and just last week local band The O'My's was featured in a new short film from Renaissance Hotels named 'Business Unusual'.

The film was put together as part of a new wave that has seen traditional hotel companies like the Renaissance, which is owned by Marriott transform into media hubs capable of pumping out top-flight work on par with most film outlets. Shot in November at the hotel's location at 1 S. Wacker Drive in the city's Loop, the movie which "follows the competition between two creative businessmen; David and Chip" acts as a sort of 21st Century version of an advertisement, packed deep within the scenes that run about twenty minutes overall. While decidedly tacky at points, it's just as impressive in it's ability to execute a storyline with a surprisingly quick turnover. You also can't overlook the nod to local talent the movie gives in tapping The O'My's for the spot, the band also performed at the premiere of the movie on January 11 hosted, appropriately, at the Renaissance. Tia Carrere (Wayne's World) makes a brief cameo for all the 90s-nostalgia you'll need. 

Check out the full movie above.