Chief Keef Suspended from FilmOn Deal

And so the saga of Chief Keef continues. It is being reported today that the Chicago rapper has been suspended from his deal with online streaming site FilmOn because of differences with management. Citing said differences, Akli David, owner of FilmOn subsequently suspended their deal and had Keef's BMW repossessed. This comes shortly after Keef made his debut with the fledgling financier's foray into the music industry with the two-disc Bang 3

In a statement, Alki David said:

FilmOn wants to launch Chief Keef's career further than the circuit his management team currently keeps him in. "Same shit over and over," he says. "Limiting his appeal to a wider audience and I'm not saying he should sell out, just be more prolific."

"[He] ends up making unsanctioned videos with child sex traffickers," he told us referring to his 'Let It Blow" video featuring Las Vegas rapper D. Flores. The Glo Gang collaborator was recently charged for allegedly kidnapping and forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution and has his bail set at $250,000.

Sounds like Keef has some tough decisions to make regarding those closest to him. At the time of his signing we discussed the move on No Coast News and praised the move as the most sensical the artist could make, albeit decidedly left field. For Keef though, coming off a tough break with Interscope, FilmOn seems to have provided a sense of freedom and understanding not found elsewhere in his young and tumultuous career. Suspension isn't expulsion though and I expect this will end up as simply some tough love from David who has put a lot of faith in Keef's career and earlier this year was the inspiration for his signees daughter's name. We'll be sure to keep you posted as this one develops.