TIMESTAMPS 0:01 • Melo Makes Music

We often witness history in the making without realizing it. In Chicago, it damn near happens every day. At These Days we strive to document these subtle moments and the artists that create them. Timestamps is a new video series set on capturing the nascent careers of creatives adding to the city's cultural legacy. A snapshot of the now meant for future dissection and appreciation. For the debut episode we talk micro-dosing at the gym, mindfulness and more with our dear friend Melo Makes Music back on stormy afternoon June 15th, 2019 at 1:03PM.

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Director: Mike Sager

Producers: Mike Sager, Pedro Gonzalez, Eric Montanez, Carlos Castillo, Michael Salisbury, Brent Butcher and the These Days Team

Captured at South Facing Windows (Chicago)