Instrumental Insight • Mulatto Beats

Photo by  mizaelolivas

Photo by mizaelolivas

Age: 21 • Neighborhood: Jeffrey Manor • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

Mulatto Beats is a familiar name if you're tapped into the Chicago hip-hop scene in any capacity. He first stepped into the music world by producing a large chunk of the material for group Supreme Regime, which included Jommis (of Beach Jesus), producer Smoko Ono, rapper Loud Mouth, and Qari. After the split of Supreme back in 2013, Qari and Mulatto went on to form the trio Hurt Everybody with Supa Bwe, taking off into a new galaxy of success and buzz that was much deserved. Releasing two mixtapes and two EPs as a trio, the group dissolved earlier this year with each member continuing to do their own thing. Mulatto and Qari have remained close, dropping song after song together. In the last two months, Qari has been part of eight songs, five of which have been produced by Mulatto Beats, including a collaborative instrumental called "Eagle Zippo".   

Outside of the world of Hurt Everybody, Mulatto has also produced for numerous artists within Chicago. Like Mick Jenkins. Like Twista. Like Lucki Eck$. Like Alex Wiley. Like Kembe X. Hell, he even made a playlist on SoundCloud featuring only including songs that have exceeded 100,000 plays. The content within is overwhelming, a firm reminder to the world of the strong material that Mulatto Beats has sculpted. 

While producers can often stay stuck behind the scenes, Mulatto gathers a great deal of attention for his blonde floating hair, a notable trait that makes him not one to miss at shows and events. Likewise, his beats are certainly not ones to forget after you hear them.

Look out for much more from Mulatto in the coming days/weeks. While the Hurt Everybody split is certainly a tough one for fans (and for members), it will inevitably lead to the three artists showing their individual creativity in 2016. Already this year we heard a David Bowie remix track from Mulatto following the rock legend's passing, so hopefully more instrumentals and remixes will make their way to the masses. Recently, he tweeted a video of an instrumental being played in the studio, saying he was working on a compilation. What kind of compilation? I'm not sure, but I know damn well that it'll be hot. 

Lastly, if you're looking for a rare instrumental by Mulatto (well, not that rare), he assisted on my Chicago compilation W2NDCH2LL last year with the song “Denounce", which was the most played track on the project by a long shot. Super lastly, be sure to check out Mulatto and Qari at Chop Shop on March 25th opening for Xavier Wulf and Eddy Baker (of SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ).