Drop Pin • Patrick Welby

Photo by  Michael Sa  ger

Photo by Michael Sager

Living in the greatest city in the world, I’m thrilled to share a few local spots to check out that I’ve recently hit up! I can’t recommend these places enough and I look forward to sharing more hot spots in future Drop Pin pieces to come. For more for eats, hang outs and places to grab a drink check out recommendations from my friends Roger Morales, Kelly Deasy, Evan Brown and more!

Tempesta Market


Tempesta Market is a delicatessen, charcuterie, craft sandwich shop and grocery story in the Noble Square - River West area. Formally in the space of MVie Chicago — this place is a must stop if you’re hungry for lunch on a casual Saturday or Sunday. During my stop-in I went for the meatballs off the appetizer selections and The Dante (Hot Soppressata, Mortadella, Finnochinoa, Hot Coppa, Porchetta, Provolone, Giardiniera, ‘Nduja Aioli, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Baguette) off the sandwich menu and perhaps foolishly but not regrettably a three meat charcuterie plate of featured selections. Everything was extremely fresh tasting, thoughtful and plentiful. I definitely was not mad leaving with some leftovers.

Tempeta means “strong wind gusts” or “storms” in Italian as a nod to its home in The Windy City. Father-and-son team of Agostino and Tony Fiasche are the duo behind the Nduja Artisans Salumeria at Harlem Ave and Diversey Ave. The space has everything you could want; full-service delicatessen, in-house charcuterie, gelate, craft sandwiches and a pantry of gourmet grocery items.

I can’t wait to go back and check out the rest of the menu and items. I caught a warm summer day with the businesses windows open, I look forward to going back on a crisp Fall afternoon. Tempesta Market is located at 1372 W. Grand Avenue.



I recently had the opportunity to see a sneak peak of Dorian’s for the media announcement of Red Bull Music Festival’s Chicago lineup announcement and it was just what I hoped for. The part restaurant, bar, music venue and record shop has a lot of ingredients but being in the space it felt very focused. The space itself was formerly Saved By The Max, a pop-up restaurant inspired by 90s teen sit-com Saved By The Bell. Entertainment and nightlife veterans Zack Eastman (The East Room), Steve Harris (Debonaire Social Club), and Derek Berry (Beauty Bar) were the masterminds behind Saved By The Max and the trio have recently scaled the operation to Los Angeles.

The guys have not forgotten Chicago and it’s evident in the details at Dorian’s. The entryway to the “60s jazz” inspired club is lined with vinyl records that continues into the interior’s North wall. One of the most exciting elements of the club that I did not expect was the intimate stage above a bar that will surely have one hell of a cocktail program (the limited menu of Red Bull inspired cocktails were delicious on press night). With the talent buying experience of the combined partners — there will surely be talent performing and DJing that will appear on festival lineups in the years after. Excited to see what talent will surface — especially with the help of the club’s new programming director Joe Bryl, former owner of Sonotheque. Bryl told Block Club Chicago over 600 records of all genres were curated for the space.

On the food and beverage have some serious muscle behind them. Like Saved by the Max, Dorian’s team is turning too Brian Fisher — the chef at Michelein-starred Entente in Lakeview. Dorian’s Beverage director John Hess comes by way of the Aviary. Eater Chicago reported there will be 11 drinks that will changed throughout the year. Full menus both food and drink can be found via Block Club Chicago.

Dorian’s will surely be a new hot spot in the already busy Wicker Park. The combined music, food and cocktail programs are a welcomed edition to North Ave. Dorian’s opened to the public on Friday, September 28th 2018 and is located at 1941 W North Ave.

Silli Kori


I recently stumbled upon Silli Kori while out on a walk thru my neighborhood. With no real plans to stop for lunch (but starving), the full outdoor seating area for mid-day lunch caught my eye on such a “Fall is right around the corner” September afternoon. Approaching the restaurant itself, I soon discovered they had one hell of a lunch special. $8.00-10.00 “lunch sets” that included an appetizer and entree. I went with the crab rangoon (duh) which was perfectly lightly battered and a crispy sesame chicken (plated over steamed carrots & broccoli with side of white rice). Pretty basic order but it had delicious sweet sauce and the portion size was much more than I anticipated. I threw on a miso soup (at only $2.00) and it was a perfect addition to hold me over until the full order came soon after. All and all — a great value and tasty meal if you’re floating around Division between Damen and Western. I went with a Penrose Proto (American Golden Ale) on draught, they did not have my first choice Singha (Thailand Euro Pale Ale).

I’ll definitely be headed back for dinner (additional menu items) and what appears to a safe cocktail list too. All and all the space was great and has some history. Chef Kori Laungsuwan recently took over the space, she’s the niece of the former owner — who operated the space under the name Thai Village Restaurant for over 30 years.

Silli Kori’s lunch special runs Monday thru Friday from 11:15AM - 3:30PM and is located at 2053 W Division St.

Next Stop!

I already know where I’m headed next, thanks to friends of These Days — YouTube comedians Number Six With Cheese. The food review duo Corey Wagner and Sean Ely recently stoped by Cafe Marie-Jeanne to highlight their $20 burger, fries and beer special. Just one watch of their review will surely having you clearing next Thursday. Who’s with me?