Glitter Moneyyy's Stirring Up The Party

Photos by Angela Estrella

Mixing Positive Energy With Party Anthems

Behind their mini mountain of free Vans sneakers on the table, Tay and Ash, better known as Glitter Moneyyy, were jamming out to Run The Jewels as they waited for soundcheck. Personally chosen by Princess Nokia herself, Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley, along with Baltimore’s JPEG Mafia, were just hours away from kicking off Miss Nokia’s headline at Chicago’s House of Vans. Aside from their team and a few other band members, Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley had the green room all to themselves. And sooner rather than later, Glitter Moneyyy would have a whole stage to themselves as well.

Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley, are a delightfully boisterous rap duo, capable of capturing the hearts, minds, and loins of just about anyone they come in contact with. Their jovial auras are infectious and add a lovable charm to their masterful blend of socio-political satire and adult humor. Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley let their personalities do the heavy lifting, while their brash comedic rhymes guide them over each energetic beat.

It’s really about being positive about being alive, being positive about your body and being confident.

On their November 2017 debut Twurk For The Nation, Glitter Moneyyy shows no problem tapping into the sultry perversions of their minds, all the while shouting Black Lives Matter, guzzling champagne, and bashing Trump and the patriarchy in one fell swoop. They achieve these displays of civil protests through party anthems and clever songwriting. The hooks are always catchy and joyful, yet crude mantras, often accompanied by Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley’s voluptuous hip gyrations when performed live. The same charisma that locked Glitter Moneyyy’s nomination for “Best New Band” in Chicago Reader last year. As Queen Trashley sees it, the album is Glitter Moneyyy’s manifesto to life as they know it, “It’s really about being positive about being alive, being positive about your body and being confident. Back in November those were all things we needed to know and harness for ourselves, and things we hoped our fans would connect with.”


That night, the crowd at House Of Vans got an exclusive tutorial on the pleasures of head-banging to songs of liberating masturbation like “SCD” (Suction Cup Dildo). Moving on to tracks like, “Mouf”, Glitter Moneyyy commanded the stage demanding oral sex, but only from the kind of mouths used to expose injustices, as well as the farces of “alternative facts.” Although Glitter Moneyyy’s humorous personalities are a large part of their brand, the duo prides themselves on being a call to creative action against intolerant ideologies since October of 2016—before Trump was elected.

As two transplants from South and Central Florida,Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley came to Chicago with aspirations in theater and music after leaving college. In her eyes, Tay Slayyy says it was impossible to separate their political views from the music, “because of where America was as a country, where life was, where we were. We were upset about the news every single day. To separate the writing from the politics would be to disregard so much of our lives.” The powerful female centrism, as well as the anti-fascist rhetoric of Glitter Moneyyy’s album Twurk For The Nation, holds a similar foundation in the songwriting as well. To not speak on subjects like racism, or body positivity would overlook the experiences Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley have conquered as women of color.

We were upset about the news every single day. To separate the writing from the politics would be to disregard so much of our lives.

For both Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley, Glitter Moneyyy is how they pay homage to women’s perseverance. Even more so, Glitter Moneyyy celebrates Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley’s commitment to empowering women. Coming into their own as body positive women, Glitter Moneyyy hopes to inspire that same self-confidence others have in them. Nadia Abhoulsn is one of Tay Slayyy’s biggest influences, “She was the first woman I remember seeing on social media that was built like me, looking beautiful in clothes I never thought I could wear because of my size.” In Queen Trashley’s case, her mother planted a certain level of confidence early on. A level that has only increased over the years, “...and thank God because, everyday the media is trying to tell me that’s not the case. And since it’s been ingrained in me for so long it’s kind of blossomed in a way that my mom probably never intended, but here we are.” With their minds set on releasing new music in the next coming months, Glitter Moneyyy is prepared to keep the party rocking.

As the Glitter Moneyyy party continues, the duo looks forward to their upcoming events and releases over the next couple of months. While closing out July with a music video to their latest single “Smoke Until You Die”, Glitter Moneyyy will also takeover The Whistler for Glitter Fest 3 on the 26th. Using their bi-annual Glitter Fest event to highlight people of color in the LGBTQ+ community, Glitter Moneyyy will be hosting a gathering full of comedy, drag, music, and burlesque performances all night. Moving into August, catch the Glittery duo at The Den for The Fly Honey Show from the 9th through the 11th, and the train doesn’t stop there. Tay Slayyy and Queen Trashley will also be sharing the stage with Jordanna, Yomi, and Sports Boyfriend at Schubas on September 2nd. Even though they’re relatively new to the music scene, it’s evident that Glitter Moneyyy’s on the right path to making their presence a mainstay of Chicago music. Be sure to stay on the lookout for more developments as Glitter Moneyyy continues making the most of 2018.