YSB OG Shynes From The Darkness

Photos by  Angela Estrella

Photos by Angela Estrella

A Place Where Family Comes First

YSB OG (Young Shyne Boyz OG), formerly Kane Grocerys, is a Los Angeles via Waukegan rapper who has taken on the music industry his own way. He’s a member of the internet-savvy group Goth Money Records, a collective that molded the aesthetic Soundcloud rap has today, and found fantastic success on the margins of hip-hop. Now, the 22 year old Kane is working on his own movement, Young Shyne Boyz, combining online vibes with Waukegan roots . Wherever you may find him, Kane is bringing light, positivity, and soul to the shadows of underground rap.


"No cap, my family, my cousins. Those are the people that inspire me to go harder with the music."


Kane is from Waukegan, IL, but moved to LA with his mom as a teenager. With the move, Kane found himself in a new role as the outsider (“I always felt like an outcast”), as he went back and forth between his various cities. Jumping to NYC after high school, he began his career in music as ‘OG Kane’, before moving back to LA. After generating buzz for 6 months, in 2012 an artist named Black Kray, now SickBoyRari, reached out to Kane about a project he was working on. Kane became the first artist to join the collective, and Goth Money Records was off to the bank.  

Kane and Goth Money Records have been riding the SoundCloud wave since it was a ripple. Together, the collective’s sound has shaped what we know as SoundCloud rap today. Influencing stars like the late XXXtentacion (“RIP”, wishes Kane), Goth Money is described as “...that sound from those dark places like Chicago and Richmond, VA. Merge that together on the internet, that new sound that was SoundCloud -  we put out this new genre of music...trap mixed with goth, positive, enlightened, bright music…we wanted to bring the light from the dark.” The artists of Goth Money - YSB OG, SickBoyRari, Hunned Mill, Lucka Lean and Karmah - back up this vision. 


"Still struggling, still shinin...trying to shine and doing the best we can to show the good, instead of always glorifying the bad."


Early internet rap busted down the doors of hip-hop for artists like Kane.“Growing up...I was always on the internet for real...all this new shit started coming out, Youtube started getting big, and that shit opened a n*gga’s mind up. I was like, this is some whole other different music from what you see on TV.”  Kane’s circle in California was hip to platforms like IG before they blew up, Kane was able to effectively finesse social media - “a lot of people in California had Iphones at the time. Me being fortunate enough to be exposed to that early, I took advantage.” Technology is a piece of the puzzle, but it’s Kane’s down to earth Waukegan roots that are the secret sauce to his music. 

Kane has dropped more than 10 mixtapes, staying ahead of trends and taking risks. The cutting edge sonics are always there, but his relatable personality gives Kane his appeal. Each project offers puzzle pieces  to the mind of Kane - bizarro trap tales of the influential Trap Goth, other-worldly boasts in Gothlantistan, or his grounded storytelling in his most recent project Pardon My Back. Kane can go from a go-getter in “Shyne Boys 2K16”, the troublemaker in “Dope Runna”, or the shoulder to lean on in “It’s Gone Be Alright”. With hundreds if not thousands of tracks, listen for a while and Kane becomes your friend.

Kane is tall as hell, but sees the world at eye level. The music may be eccentric, but this is a humble dude with "Grandma's Boy' tatted across his neck who sticks close to his roots. His biggest musical inspirations? “No cap, my family, my cousins. Those are the people that inspire me to go harder with the music...I could say a bunch of artists and rappers, but today none  of them inspire me as much as my family does.” That humility inspires his newest movement, Young Shyne Boyz. His family taught him everything he knows about music, but Kane was only the one to jump into the industry - YSB is Kane passing on the opportunity. Young Shyne Boyz will have Kane bringing in family and friends, from artists to videographers to graphic designers, as a chance to bring it back to Waukegan.

The message of Young Shyne Boyz is straightforward and for the people. “Still struggling, still shinin...trying to shine and doing the best we can to show the good, instead of always glorifying the bad.” Kane is taking on the name ‘YSB OG’ and using the YSB movement to put on the family members that inspired him growing up. “It’s not about materialistic things, chains, none of that. You don’t have to cap with us, YSB is no cap. Self-explanatory, we’re gonna get greasy to the bone gristle.” Nor is it at odds with Goth Money. It’s simply it’s own thing. Goth Money is family, and YSB is family. That’s Kane’s truth. “We came from out the mud. It’s a diamond in the dirt, we just wanna push that - you can shine to if you put that light on yourself. Let yourself prosper and glow. I did it, and everybody can do it…"

Catch Goth Money Records in the flesh at their first Chicago show this Saturday 6/23, as YSB OG (Kane Grocerys) and SickBoyRari (Black Kray) hit the stage at AMFM in Pilsen. Tickets can be purchased for $10 below.