Andrew Bedows is Hitting All the Right Keys

All photos by  Alina Tsvor

All photos by Alina Tsvor


Pianist and producer Andrew Bedows is unquestionably putting in work. While spending the vast majority of 2017 collaborating on the EP Sun Shower with the Burns Twins and Elton, Andrew was in every single session exercising his musicality, engineering skills and collaborative nature. He has unquestionable talent, but it is this commitment to the craft and the outcome of the music that sets him up for success. He explains, “Something that I’ve learned this past year is that…in order for something to come out the way you want it to…or for it to be portrayed the way you want it to be portrayed…you gotta be there every step of the way.” 
Bedows’ impressive work ethic has served him well in his artistic growth, developing on the musical competence and intelligence that serves as the undeniable the centerpiece of his music. His sound is bright, airy and “flowing…a stream of consciousness,” while the complexity within provides depth and dimension. His recent release, “Spin”, is a prime example of layers upon layers of flexing on the keys contrasting the almost deceptively understated, breezy feel of the track. Bedows’ motivation to constantly improve upon his technical proficiency ensures listeners have much to look forward to as his solo career continues.


"It's so much about understanding when you want to step up and when you want to step back..."

Clocking long hours in the studio with other artists, Bedows is just as much a team player as he is an impressive individual artist. Collaboration  has given him an acute understanding of the give-and-take required to allow all parties to succeed. “It’s so much about understanding when you want to step up and when you want to step back…willfully stepping back is just as important as willfully stepping up.” It’s a classic “choose your battles” mantra, but it is sincere when coming from a voice of experience. The central goal, put simply, is to “try and put each other in positions where we will do well.”
While maintaining an encouraging space is a necessity, working for extended periods of time with other artists-especially with the kind of hours Bedows puts in- comes with significant challenges. “There are a lot of sessions that are lethargic. They’re dark, they’re boring, and people are just kind of sitting around, not talking…It’s hard to keep in mind that it’s a long-term process.” This particular slump hit its lowest points for Andrew in March and April of last year. “I can’t explain to you how burnt out I was…It got to a point with music where I could listen to it, I just wasn’t feeling it. I was having headaches…and if one thing was changed in a song…it was the end of the world.” The gravity of those months prompted a realization in Bedows. “I was like, ‘This is not what it’s about.’”

Utilizing the same maturity and logic with which he approaches music, Bedows recovered his passion for the work by taking a step away. “You gotta try not to think about music 24/7...Music comes from’s directly tied to your experiences, and you cannot be in a constant state of reflection because you’ll have nothing to reflect about.” Such sage words of advice and philosophy make it clear that, even at 19, Andrew has a firm grasp on the bigger picture. “You look at all these great musicians, great songwriters and producers, some of the great music from the 20th century and 21st century just comes from living. That’s how it doesn’t run dry.”


“There are 8,000 reasons to be a musician…I’m trying to figure out which reasons…mean the most to me.”


Now, fresh off the heels of Sun Shower and with a new outlook  on life and music, Bedows is giving himself a chance to grow and maintain the balance of both. He has new releases planned this year as well as a focus on ensuring he is making the most of his time and enjoying the process of creating. “There are 8,000 reasons to be a musician…I’m trying to figure out which reasons…mean the most to me.” With the level of discipline and personal investment he has brought to every other endeavor thus far, there is no question his efforts will pay off.