BigBodyFiji & Seer Breakdown MESSiCO

Photos by Alex Zandro of DSTNTN Visuals

Photos by Alex Zandro of DSTNTN Visuals

On Cinco De Mayo, BigBodyFiji’s manic new EP has landed. Messico is Fiji’s insane debut solo project, seeing the Decent Militia rapper at his most satisfyingly different.  

Messico is a joint effort between him and producer Seer, responsible for each of the 5 tracks. They first worked together on Militia Muzik Vol. 1. 5 months later Messico comes to fruition, pronounced like the country and far outside the box.  The project is named in respect to one of Fiji’s close friends doing time. 

“It’s my homie and his name is Messico. We used to call him that because, you know, he used to be with Mexicans and he was black. He got arrested and he got booked, you feel me? And he’s away. So yeah, he was one of my friends that I used to fake rap around, you know what I mean? And I wasn’t rapping for real, I never had music recorded. And like, those we’re my guys in high school…they were the people I was just rapping around, playing around, so when he got locked up, it made me want to do music." 

Messico is soaked in shades of gray, but the victorious feel-good remains.  As Fiji put it “I want to make shit my mom could step to.” At the same time, they weren't afraid to take risks, and Messico moves away from the usual territory that Fiji is comfortable with.

“I told Seer ‘man, I want to make some pimp shit, I wanna make some grown shit’. Just some smooth shit, you know what I mean? We kind of had a game plan, not even a direction but a game plan…I was still having fun with it, it’s just, I don’t know, just a new sound for me, really. I don’t want to sound cliché ...but I was always joking with Seer, because I always told Seer we made Apple quality music…to me that’s the Drakes, the Young Thugs, the artists you feel me? Big time artists, people who’re gonna be around for a minute. Longevity and shit like that...I was tryin’ to make some grown shit, you feel me? Some boss shit.” 

It's a lot of sound and life packed into an EP clocking at 12 minutes, a labor of love under construction since January. Seer and Fiji found common influences in chopped and screwed, house and juke, inspiring Messico throughout. They express reverence for Frankie Knuckles and DJ Rashad, rest in peace. For Fiji, it’s a source of nostalgia tied to music he grew up with. That said,don't go in expecting anything, just trust.

“I can’t really explain the sound, I just know me personally, I love it, I really love this EP, I really love it. I be listening to it like it’s not me. Man, I really think this is going to be my favorite project I ever record, to be honest. Because the process was so, I don’t want to say it was effortless, but man, it was smooth."

 Different it may be, BigBodyFiji finds the same high energy he always does. But bringing Seer on board gave Fiji the opportunity to get even more experimental. As Fiji puts it, “It’s a lot going on, I’m not gonna lie... the production from Seer definitely encouraged me to be a better rapper.” It's the Fiji EP, but this was a team effort.  Seer describes what the EP meant to him,

"I feel like I kind of grew up with this project too... there's a sound I've been making beats wise, a lot of the shit I've been doing with the Militia, it's been building up to this project...Trying to find my style or lane...I do a lot of different shit, I try not to pay attention to picking a sound and running with it. It's more like I just do what I'm feeling that day, and a lot of time it matches up with what I started doing last week or last month. I feel like I have a lot of material right now that's building up in a little cloud and it’s starting to form droplets.”

Seer's production style is a little bit of everything, always moving. Fiji, he's bouncing off the walls, turning his wild delivery up to 11. Learn about BigBodyFiji's song writing process and understand why.

“I legit make music to perform it. When I make a song, I picture myself performing it, I picture people in the audience’s faces. Not to sound cliché, like my life is some outrageous shit, because at the end of the day I’m pretty normal...but man, it’s like my spirit animal, BigBodyFiji is my spirit animal. So I’ll be channeling that, really try to be painting a picture of who I am.”

Seer interrupts him and fills in the blanks, as Fiji cracks up - "You thought they weren't gonna find out! This man gets ready to get in the booth. He'll puts the bonnet on, he puts the shades on, he'll be looking flee as fuck and you feel that. And that's what this space is about, that's what I do when I go in there, that's what Stacks does when he's here, everybody who recorded here." 

The project features features Decent artists ALLiKNOW and Jose Franco, and most importantly Fiji's little brother Jarvis Rush, who he connected with and got on the album. Making it a family affair was a big deal for Fiji, who says that " little brother, it couldn’t have turned out any better. Shit like that, I knew this project was going to be some shit for me personally.” Above all, Messico is a declaration of arrival, for Seer and especially for BigBodyFiji. It's seems like he's gone far already but he's just getting started. 

“5 songs, 5 months damn near…it's an introduction. 'And they're still asking about the kid', I say that shit on a lot of songs. Really, Messico, I feel like it’s just me introducing myself to everybody. People know, but they don’t know you know? It’s one of those things."

Edit: Shout out to the fantastic album art from @_FlthyRich