Drop Pin • Via Rosa

Our Drop Pin feature was made for people like Via Rosa. Chicago through and through, this native has lived in the city long enough to put you onto a few hidden gems during her time as a local singer and chef. If she's not at the house, grocery store or studio (Via's mainstays) Via Rosa's versatile skills and interests taken her across town and back for three suggestions you absolutely must check out. See where Via ventures to be inspired, entertain houseguests, or just take a break. 

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Photo by Michael Salisbury

Photo by Michael Salisbury


Upton's Breakroom

This vegan restaurant and seitan factory is one of my favorite places because I got to see behind the scenes and as a chef it's hard to trust how your food is prepared when you go out. I got to work there, I know the people who own it, I know the head chef. They actually care about the food. The food is really good comfort food. Bacon mac and cheese, burgers, kale salads, Korean tacos and some smackin' nachos! Best vegan nachos in Chicago.


Osaka Garden

A lot of people don't even know that this place exists, and its a really cool chill spot. It has a nice view of the museum (Museum of Science and Industry) and fish, I love coy fish and just smoking weed in the gazebo.


Family Thrift

I love going thrifting and that place is just really cool because I got most of my VHS collection from there. Pretty much every Disney movies you can imagine, all the rom-coms from the 90's and a few vigilantist action movies that my dad just made me watch as a kid. The bottom floor is women's clothes and the top floor is men's clothes. It's just a ton of clothes.