ChiBrations • Avery Young

Update: Making his return to the ChiBrations' stage alongside his band, Avery Young performs his original song "Ham Sammich(is)," an oldie but a goodie from his booker t. soltreyne album. Topically diverse from his cover performance earlier this month, Avery takes passion to a whole new level with this unique love song. If you can appreciate good love and good cold cuts, "Ham Sammich(is)" is definitely for you. With his latest release in the rear view, we're anxious to see what's around the next corner. No word about what's up next for Avery, but these performances have us hungry for more. 

You might not realize by taking a step outside today, but it's May already! Before I carry on about where the time has gone and all of the things that need to still be done in good ol' 2017, I'd like to take a moment to introduce ChiBrations' featured artist for May, Avery R. Young. Avery has many skills, but football isn't one he's known for, so he's not to be confused the Miami Dolphins tackle. Far from a linebacker, but Avery is credited wearing many other hats, of which he's been recognized for his achievements countless times.

A songwriter, a poet, a teacher and artist, Avery R. Young uses his talents across creative platforms to further messages touching on race, gender and sexuality among other things. Using his voice or his pen Avery sets an example of acceptance with his art, but also continues educating people about these important topics via his past roles with University of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and other public and private institutions that help create safe spaces for young creatives to learn and grow as artists and people.

For Avery's first ChiBrations offering, he's getting in tune with his musical side and joined by Tina M. Howell (vocals), Shawn Wallace (keys / vocals), Jeff Harris (bass), Tim "Cream" Jones-Bey (Guitar) and Marcus Evans (Drums) at Soap Box Studios to perform a rendition of Funkadelic's "I'll Stay". A song that any Chicago music fan is sure to recognize (well at least its opening few bars), Avery and the band speed up the tempo a bit and deliver a bright and vibrant interpretation of the original song, flush with some incredible guitar solos from Cream. While both versions of the song are great, Avery's is just the wake up call I needed this morning.