Drop Pin • Zoe Rain

Photo by Unknown

Photo by Unknown

Today, an artist's image is as important as their product and the arbiters of that imagery are often just as relevant as the artists themselves. One such photographer that has established herself over the course of the last few years is Seattle native and Chicago transplant Zoe Rain. Since coming up as the tour photographer for Macklemore, documenting his rise from local act to international Grammy winner, Rain has emerged as one of the more interesting and dynamic eyes in the business today and has since worked with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Ed Sheeran, Raury and many more. A seasoned pro with a style all her own, Rain has set up shop at her Rain Studios in the city's Pilsen neighborhood where she hosts events, galleries and rents space to fellow photogs. We caught up with Zoe to find out her favorite haunts around town, which you can find below and, as always, you can click here for our full Interactive Drop Pin map featuring all of your favorite Chicagoans! 

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Nicks Beer Garden

This dive bar reminds me of the first year I was in Chicago, 21, and broke. I’ve definitely had sex and done drugs in their bathroom. They serve $5 for a shot of tequila and a PBR. Plus theres big buck hunter and a pool table. Win win win.


Rain Studio

Throwing in a shameless plug to my studio. My girlfriend and I throw events here, and have a gallery show every second Friday of the month 6-10. We also have a dog named Abby, who people like better than us.


Ace Bounce

If any bar can convince you to stay out, it’s this one. I came here for the first time for a friends birthday, set on making an appearance and then ghosting out the back door. I ended up playing ping pong for hours under dark lights, and being one of the last to leave. If you like ping pong, or just a really happy vibe, I recommend this spot.



If you haven’t been to Skylark and you like dark dive bars, you have been missing out. They say there are still tunnels underneath that the mafia used to traffic goods and get away from the cops. And when I say They say that, I mean a bartender there. I don’t even know his name. Don’t take my word for it.


Montrose Dog Beach

My pup loves it here in the summer. For an introvert like me, it’s a nice way to be social without having to interact with any human beings. I do not recommend having a picnic here however. ”