ChiBrations • Makaya McCraven

UPDATE: Like they always do about this time, ChiBrations makes its return with more Makaya McCraven exclusives in part two of their February feature. If you missed part one, but sure to check out Makaya's rendition of the Tony Williams classic "There Comes a Time" below, and from there check out a live performance of his own original song, "This Place That Place" above. With a little over a year passing since his last release, we hope to hear plenty more where this came from now that Makaya is back from being on the road and in the studio again. 

After a short hiatus the ChiBrations crew is back for the first time in the new year, and they've got a whole new season of artist features highlighting some notable names in Chicago powered soul music. Identifying the cream of the crop, ChiBrations has introduced us to artists like Rhea The Second, Krystal Metcalfe, Adam Ness and more in their first year. For season two, ChiBrations is off to a great start featuring jazz drummer Makaya McCraven, a veteran musician with an extensive and notable catalog of music that's garnered attention From LA to the UK.

Makaya's relationship with music didn't start with making critically acclaimed records, and it didn't start here in Chicago, but it did end up here and has influenced Makaya's music since 2007. A child of a pair of musicians, Makaya's built a strong base for his jazz and hip hop infused drum patterns on seasoned wisdom. Following the release of Makaya's 2015's In The Momentthe drummer spent most of 2016 on the road on his first headlining European tour.

Back stateside and in Chicago, Makaya McCraven takes to Soapbox Studios along with Marquis Hill (Trumpet), Matt Gold (Guitar), Junius Paul (Double Bass), and Rob Clearfield (Piano) to perform a live rendition of Tony Williams' "There Comes a Time". Like all ChIBrations alumni, the cover song is just part one. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks for exclusive and original content from Makaya McCraven.