Luke Almighty's Relentless Production Shines a Light on the Underground

Photos by  Michael Salisbury

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There is no rest for producer Luke Almighty, and his incredible work ethic is paying off in a big way. As new rappers and producers rise to the forefront of the Chicago scene, Luke Almighty has distanced himself from the pack with his tenacity and attention to detail. Although soft spoken in person, the music he creates loudly demands attention.

Born Lukas Melgosa, he was raised in the northern suburb of Aurora, where he would attend high school with rapper, Sammy L’s. The two began making music together as a hobby, using FL Studio, bouncing between rapping and producing. But as time went on, Sammy L’s moved to Chicago to pursue music seriously, and soon after, Luke Almighty began to see the possibilities. “He started making these connections, and getting his face out there, and created a buzz for himself. It just kind of showed me first hand that hard work and putting yourself out there can help you grow so much. Sam, he kinda motivated me, helped me, and kinda directed me out this way, and just told me that if I got my face out there, it was gonna work”.

He began reaching out to local artists, Chicago rappers that he listened to and enjoyed. It wasn’t long before this lead to linking up and making connections, and those connections lead to many new collaborations, like those with Adot and Freako, whom he describes as “two of his closest friends in the industry, because those guys are just so genuine.” The sincerity comes across in the music, with each beat seeming to be tailor made to fit each artist’s unique sound and style.


Luke Almighty learned early on not to limit his musical scope, pulling influence from across a vast range of genres. His style is ever evolving, yet somehow recognizable. He describes it as “a melting pot of different styles”, influenced by the music that he’s personally listening to at the time “I feel like my sound doesn’t really have a way to characterize itself, but it’s always changing, and it’s true to what I’m listening to”. For instance, when listening to a personal favorite, Lucki, he might opt for a darker sound.

Regardless of what Luke Almighty may be producing at the time, he is always creating, no time or place off limits. He carries his laptop everywhere, forever anticipating the need to work and work quickly. The goal is proficiency and consistency. “I feel like the more I’m heard, the more people see my name, the bigger it’s gonna get. It’s somewhat of a formula, but it’s somewhat just my work ethic and just an unconscious want to have something new.” There is however, one rule for a Luke Almighty beat “I feel like no matter what sample or what type of patterns I put or what type of sounds I have, I need it to knock or have that vibe, it’s not a Luke Almighty beat if it doesn’t knock.”

This past year proved pivotal for Luke's career, working with bigger names such as Supa Bwe and Warhol.SS, as well as regular placements in larger blogs and a nod to his production in XXL Magazine. But these are accomplishments that are difficult to express to family. “I was getting milestones and things would happen, I would make connections and songs would drop, but it would be hard to convey.” Still, he had the full support of his family, and they quickly picked up on what became his now iconic tag “Luke Almighty on the beat!” He laughs when he describes how they like to share his posts on Facebook, but becomes more serious when sharing how they pushed for him to chase his dreams and not be 'unhappy in the future, working some dead end job.'”


When speaking about his dream collabs, he flows from Lucki, to Drayco McCoy, to Chance, without skipping a beat, despite the heavy differences in sound. But that’s reflective of what makes him so different. Luke Almighty specializes in versatility and adaptability. With dreams of travel he hopes to bring his sound to places like NYC, L.A. and Atlanta, but remain rooted in Chicago, a city he has always admired and loved.

The future seems limitless for Luke Almighty, but his current goals are to keep making solid tracks for the people he already has relationships with, and build some new ones. “Something I worked on over this past summer was really getting my face out there, so I went to a lot of shows, art events, and that kind of thing. I feel like that was good for my image and my brand. That’s something I want to continue to do.” It seems to be working, and after the killer year that Luke's had thus far, we can't wait to see what the future brings.